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Calculus II

Prerequisite: Calculus I, or equivalent.

Textbook: James Stewart, Calculus: Early Transcendentals, 9th edition.

See Calculus Classes webpage for more information. Some sections of the course require WebAssign.

  • Review of integration and applications
  • Review of trigonometry (Appendix D) and complex numbers (Appendix H)
  • Techniques of integration (Chapter 7). May not include approximate methods (§7.7)
  • Volume of solids of revolution (§6.2, 6.3)
  • Further applications of integration: arc length (§8.1), area of surfaces of revolution (§8.2)
  • Differential equations (Chapter 9)
  • Infinite sequences and series (Chapter 11)

Topics may vary slightly from section to section.

Typical Syllabus:
A sample syllabus for the course is available.

Information on Calculus Classes:

Calculus Director: George Dragomir
Calculus II Coordinator: George Dragomir

Help Room Schedule: 502 Milstein Center (Barnard Campus)

Free Calculus Bootcamp

Columbia and Barnard students can use the class key columbia 2136 3739 to access a Calculus Bootcamp class on WebAssign, which is specifically designed to prepare students for Calculus I, II, or III. It serves as a valuable resource, aiding in the review of essential concepts within these calculus courses. Access to the WebAssign Calculus Bootcamp is free throughout the month of January. To register, use the provided class key and choose “Temporary Access” during the registration process.

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