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Independent Study

The Department provides several options for students who wish to pursue independent study:

Supervised Readings

MATH UN3901 – Supervised Reading I (fall term only)
MATH UN3902 – Supervised Reading II (spring term only)

Prerequisites: The written permission of the faculty member who agrees to act as sponsor (sponsorship limited to full-time instructors on the staff list), as well as the permission of the Director of Undergraduate Studies. The written permission must be deposited with the Director of Undergraduate Studies before registration is completed. Guided reading and study in mathematics. A student who wishes to undertake individual study under this program must present a specific project to a member of the staff and secure his or her willingness to act as sponsor. Written reports and periodic conferences with the instructor. Supervising Readings do NOT count towards major requirements, with the exception of an advanced written approval by the DUS.

Senior Thesis

A Senior Thesis in Mathematics is an original presentation of a subject in pure or applied mathematics from sources in the published literature. The thesis must demonstrate significant  independent work of the author. A thesis is expected to be between 20 and 50 pages with complete references and must have a substantial expository component to be well received.

A student who is interested in writing a senior thesis needs to identify a faculty member in the Department of Mathematics as an advisor, determine an appropriate topic, and receive the written approval from the faculty advisor and the DUS. The research of the thesis is conducted primarily during the fall term and the final paper is submitted to the DUS by the end of March.

Students must register for MATH UN3994 Senior Thesis in Mathematics I (4 credits) in the fall semester of their senior year. An optional continuation course MATH UN3995 Senior Thesis in Mathematics II (2 credits) is available during the spring. The second term of this sequence may not be taken without the first. Registration for the spring continuation course has no impact on the timeline or outcome of the final paper. Sections of Senior Thesis in Mathematics I and II do NOT count towards the major requirements, with the exception of an advanced written approval by the DUS.

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