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Since the Fall 2010 term, we have been using WebAssign in some of our Calculus sections.  For Fall 2019, we’re now using the 8th edition of the textbook and may require use of WebAssign in Calculus sections at the choice of the instructor.

Student FAQ

Student FAQ

Q: Will WebAssign be required in my Calculus section?
A: Sections requiring WebAssign, with their class keys, will be posted here, as this information becomes available.

Calculus I

Calculus II
Section 3, Michael Woodbury, class key columbia 6492 7636

Calculus III

Accelerated Multivariable Calculus

Q: Can I use WebAssign if it is not required in my Calculus section?
A: A WebAssign course that consists just of all available problems, for use as practice, has been set up for use of students who have or want to buy a WebAssign access code.  Do not use these if your section requires WebAssign, in that case you will have a different class key.  The class key to use if WebAssign is not required is

Calculus I, II, III and IV columbia 4231 4197

Q: I have a copy of the book, but not a WebAssign access code. What do I do?
A: You should be able to enroll in your WebAssign section, but after a short grace period will need to purchase an access code to continue using it.  You should be offered options for how to do this from within the software, or see here for more information about the possible ways to purchase an access code directly.

Q: I don’t need a print copy of the textbook, just want to buy an eBook. What should I do?
A: The publisher sells online access to the eBook version of the textbook, for all semesters you will use the book, together with an access code for WebAssign, see here for more information. At this point, the eBook and WebAssign access are being sold together, you can’t purchase them independently.

Q: How much does WebAssign cost?
A: The publisher has various options available here. For a single semester of access (officially, 5 months) to WebAssign (which includes access to the ebook) the cost is $100. For 10 months of access, the cost is $125. Cengage Unlimited, which includes WebAssign and access to all of the publisher’s texts (some of which may be used in other Columbia courses), starts at $119.99 for a single semester.

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