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Since the Fall 2010 term, we have been using WebAssign in some of our Calculus sections.

The textbook used for Calculus I-IV and Accelerated Multivariable Calculus is:
James Stewart, Calculus, Early Transcendentals9th edition. 

Free Calculus Bootcamp

Columbia and Barnard students can utilize the class key columbia 2136 3739 to access a specialized Calculus Bootcamp class on WebAssign. This comprehensive bootcamp, designed to prepare for Calculus I, II, or III, offers complimentary access throughout January, serving as a valuable resource for reviewing essential concepts in these calculus courses.

Student FAQ

Student FAQ

Q: Will WebAssign be required in my Calculus section?
A: Sections requiring WebAssign will be posted here, as this information becomes available. See your section’s CourseWorks page for the class key.

Calculus I: TBD

Calculus II: TBD

Calculus III: TBD

Calculus IV: TBD

Accelerated Multivariable Calculus: TBD

Q: Can I use WebAssign if it is not required in my Calculus section?
A: If WebAssign is not a requirement for your section, you have the option to use the class key columbia 1789 6401, which grants you access to a dedicated course with all available problems. This alternative is for students who either have or plan to purchase a WebAssign access code. Please refrain from using this class key if WebAssign is mandatory for your section, as an alternative class key will be provided by your instructor in such cases. To enroll using your section’s designated class key, please follow this link. For step-by-step details regarding the WebAssign registration process, follow this link.

Q: I have a copy of the book, but not a WebAssign access code. What do I do?
A: Initially, you can enroll in your WebAssign section without an access code. However, it’s important to note that after a two-week grace period, purchasing an access code becomes necessary to maintain continued access. The platform will present you with options for acquiring access, and we recommend opting for Cengage Unlimited, offering multi-term access that covers all your Calculus courses at Columbia.

Q: I don’t need a print copy of the textbook, just want to buy an eBook. What should I do?
A:WebAssign access already incorporates the eBook, eliminating the need for a separate eBook purchase. Additionally, the Cengage Unlimited subscription  includes at least four free hardcopy textbook rentals (you just pay shipping/handling).

Q: How much does WebAssign cost?
A: For optimal value, we recommend purchasing Cengage Unlimited, which includes multi-term WebAssign usage and provides access to all texts from the publisher (some of which may be utilized in additional Columbia courses). The cost for Cengage Unlimited is $129, constituting a one-time purchase that covers all your calculus courses at Columbia.

Please note: Purchase your access code after signing in for one of the WebAssign classes offered at Columbia, including the use of class key (columbia 1789 6401) for sections that do not use WebAssign. Details about the WebAssign registration process can be found here.

Keep in mind the following: 1) Access to the Calculus Bootcamp is free (select “Temporary Access”); and 2) If you decide to purchase access, opt for the “Buy Cengage Unlimited” option, as it includes multi-term access, even if not explicitly mentioned on the registration page.


Updated: January 8, 2024

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