Evolution of a lemma

Pieter Belmans just put another feature of the Stacks project website online: a way to browse the edits done over time to a given result and its proof in the Stacks project. This is a new and somewhat experimental feature, but it already works quite well in my opinion. Really the only way to understand what it does is to try some of the links below and do some clicking around.

To see the history of a given Tag just go to the page of the tag and look in the sidebar on the right for a link entitled “history”; we’ve not implemented this for chapters or sections. Here is a list of examples:

  1. Nakayama’s lemma
  2. Lemma on generically finite morphisms
  3. A lemma of Serp’e
  4. Lemma proven with help from David Rydh
  5. Topological invariance of the etale site

The motivation for having this in place is that it is technologically possible and that it provides detailed information about when and how the material evolved over time. This is all part of the whole idea that development on the Stacks project is completely open and accessible to all.