Math rendered on the Stacks project website

Pieter Belmans has just finished upgrading the Stacks project website to a new version where the mathematics is rendered on the tag lookup pages. It is totally amazing! I was originally skeptical that this could be done with the current state of technology. However, when Pieter showed me what it looks like on a test website I was immediately convinced. The rendering of the material (including formulas and commutative diagrams) makes reading the Stacks project material online very comfortable and much faster than before.

The new version is made possible by

  • Pieter’s code that parses the Stacks project LaTeX,
  • MathJax for rendering the math formulae, and
  • XyJax to render commutative diagrams coded with xypic.

I believe this makes the Stacks project website the first public website to use XyJax to render commutative diagrams online. Woohoo!

Here are some things to be aware of when using the new version:

  • there are some issues in Opera,
  • not all TeX is parsed perfectly (for instance complex footnotes),
  • if you encounter something that doesn’t work, please contact us. You can leave a bug report on here, or you can email the stacks project maintainer.