Features wanted

Pieter Belmans is currently coding and testing a new version of the Stacks project website. What would be very useful is to have some more feedback from you, the user! Please leave a comment on this blog post if

  1. There is something that doesn’t work on the current site (broken links, etc).
  2. There is something you don’t like about the current set up.
  3. There is a feature you’d like to see in the new version.

Any suggestions, annoyances, recommendations, etc will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Geeks only: Of course, just like the Stacks project itself, the Stacks project website is an open source project and you can hack it yourself if you want and know how to. To get your work incorporated back into the site, you may want to talk to Pieter before doing too much work. Send us those cool layouts, visualizations, web-apps, etc, please!