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Fall 2023 Minerva Foundation Lectures

The main goals of these lectures are:
1. Provide a comprehensive introduction to the proof of the nonlinear stability of slowly rotating Kerr black holes established recently in the sequence of works [Kl-Sz:Kerr], [GKS-2022], [Kl-Sz:GCM1], [Kl-Sz:GCM2] and [Shen], and briefed in [Kl-Sz:review].

2. Discuss the geometric formalism based on non-integrable null horizontal structures used in these works. Derive the main Teukolsky and generalized Regge- Wheeler equations. These follow the material 1 of Part 1 in [GKS-2022].

3. Discuss the proof of the basic hyperbolic estimates, Morawetz and rp-weighted, following Part 2 of [GKS-2022].

4. Discuss open problems related to these topics.

First lecture: Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Meeting on Wednesdays at 2:45 p.m.

Room 507, Mathematics Hall

2990 Broadway (117th Street)



Notes Part II

Notes Part III

Lecture recording

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