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December 6: Akhil Matthew

Title: Dieudonné theory: from classical to modern Abstract: Dieudonné theory gives a classification in terms of “semi-linear algebra” of finite flat commutative group schemes of p-power order over a perfect field of characteristic p > 0. Over the years, Dieudonné theory has evolved in many forms (crystalline, prismatic) and recently V. Drinfeld has proposed various “Shimurian” generalizations […]

November 29: Miguel Walsh

Title: Fourier uniformity of multiplicative functions Abstract: The Fourier uniformity conjecture seeks tounderstand what multiplicative functions can have large Fourier coefficients onmany short intervals. We will discuss recent progress on this problem andexplain its connection with the distribution of prime numbers and with othercentral problems about the behaviour of multiplicative functions, such as theChowla and Sarnak conjectures.

October 18: Maryna Viazovska (EPFL)

Title: Random lattices with symmetries

October 11: Ezra Getzler

Title: Generalizing Lie theory to higher dimensions – the De Rham theorem on simplices and cubes

April 19: Tomer Schlank

Title: Knots Invariants and Arithmetic Statistics.

April 05: Robert McCann

Title: A nonsmooth approach to Einstein‘s theory of gravity.


Title: The stable Bernstein theorem in $R^4$.

January 23: Søren Galatius

Title: On topological Pontryagin classes.


Title: A stability theory for isoperimetric and minimal area problems

November 02: JAMES MAYNARD

Title: Primes, the zeta function and zero density estimates.