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January 23: Søren Galatius

Title: On topological Pontryagin classes.


Title: A stability theory for isoperimetric and minimal area problems

November 02: JAMES MAYNARD

Title: Primes, the zeta function and zero density estimates.

SEPTEMBER 14: Jinyoung Park

Title: Thresholds.

January 19: Junliang Shen

Title: The P=W conjecture and hyper-Kähler geometry.

January 14: Elena Giorgi

Title: The stability of black holes with matter.

January 12: Daniel Álvarez-Gavela

Title: K-theoretic Torsion Invariants in Symplectic and Contact Topology.

March 4: Horng-Tzer Yau (Harvard)

Title: A dynamical approach to universality in probability theory with applications in random matrices

Dec. 11: Si Li

Title: How to count constant maps?

Oct. 30: Daniel Huybrechts

Title: Motivic aspects of K3 surfaces