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Langlands and Twistors?

I just heard about this from George Sparling, who is giving a talk this afternoon with the title “From Roger Penrose to Robert Langlands and back” at a symposium in Pittsburgh. I don’t at all know what this is about, … Continue reading

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Some Math News

My Columbia colleague Patrick Gallagher passed away a few months ago at the age of 84. He had only recently retired, and for many years was the longest serving member of the department and an important part of its institutional … Continue reading

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Short Items

The Fermilab Physics Advisory Committee recently recommended that the Tevatron be kept running for an additional three years (until 2014). By the end of that time it should be able to accumulate a total of 20 fb-1 of data, which … Continue reading

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Langlands/Frenkel and Some Other Things

The Canadian publication The Walrus today has a wonderful article about Robert Langlands, focusing on his attitude towards the geometric Langlands program and its talented proponent Edward Frenkel. I watched Frenkel’s talk at the ongoing Minnesota conference via streaming video … Continue reading

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Langlands News

Various Langlands program related news, starting with the man himself: For the latest from Langlands about the geometric theory, best if you read both Russian and Turkish. In that case you can read this and this. For the rest of … Continue reading

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This and That

I’ve been trying to find time to write about some books I’ve been reading. Maybe later this week. In the meantime, some things that may be of interest: This week in Norway there will be various events in celebration of … Continue reading

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Langlands Program and Physics

One of my minor hobbies over the years has been trying to understand something about the Langlands conjectures in number theory, partly because some of the mathematics that shows up there looks like it might be somehow related to quantum … Continue reading

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Geometric Langlands on the Beach

I’ve written a bit about the Geometric Langlands Program and its relation to physics here late last year, confessing to being confused about what it was supposed to have to do with N=4 supersymmetric Yang-Mills. Yesterday Witten gave a talk … Continue reading

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Witten Geometric Langlands Talk and Paper

I spent yesterday afternoon down in Princeton, and attended a talk by Witten at the Institute on his work relating gauge theory and the geometric Langlands program. He says that his paper with Kapustin is done, it’s about 220 pages … Continue reading

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More On Geometric Langlands (a Grand Unified Theory of Math?)

After mentioning in the last posting that Witten is giving talks in Berkeley and Cambridge this week, I found out about various recent developments in Geometric Langlands, some of which Witten presumably will be talking about. Edward Frenkel has put … Continue reading

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