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Cardy Embedding of Random Planar Maps

Special Seminar

Come join us Wednesday, February 6, 2019 at 4:30 pm in RM 507, Professor Nina Holden (ETH, Zürich) will be giving a special lecture about “Cardy Embedding of Random Planar Maps”.


A random planar map is a canonical model for a discrete random surface which is studied in probability, combinatorics, mathematical physics, and geometry. Liouville quantum gravity is a canonical model for a random 2d Riemannian manifold with roots in the physics literature. In joint work with Xin Sun, we prove a strong relationship between these two natural models for random surfaces. Namely, we prove that the random planar map converges in the scaling limit to Liouville quantum gravity under a discrete conformal embedding which we call the Cardy embedding.

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