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Simon Brendle awarded the 2017 Fermat Prize

“Results of researches accessible to the greatest number of professional mathematicians in fields where the contributions of Pierre de Fermat have been decisive (Statements of variational principles,  Foundations of probability and analytic geometry, Number theory)”

Simon A. Brendle (Columbia University, New York, USA) was awarded for his numerous and profound results in geometric analysis, involving partial differential equations of the elliptic, parabolic and hyperbolic type; in particular for his elegant proof of Lawson’s conjecture, for his characterization of soliton solutions of Ricci flows and mean curvature in dimension 3 as well as for his remarkable contributions, in collaboration with Gerhard Huisken, to the analysis of the flow of curvature average of convex surfaces on average in varieties of dimension 3.

The Fermat Prize 2017 ceremony will take place in spring 2018 in Toulouse, simultaneously with the presentation of the 2017 Fermat Junior Prize.

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