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Well worth reading is High Energy Colliding Beams; What Is Their Future, by Burton Richter. Richter is one of the pioneers of designing and building colliders, and he starts off by recounting some of the history. About proposals for a … Continue reading

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Mathematics Items

For an Oxford conference last week, Langlands contributed a one-hour video talk, filmed in his office. One hour was not enough, so hours two and three are also available, as well as a separate text, and some additional comments. The … Continue reading

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Just returned from a few days in Boston, will try and catch up here on various topics: This past week I was able to attend some of the talks at the conference in honor of David Vogan’s 60th birthday. I’m … Continue reading

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Robert Langlands will be speaking at Yale in a couple weeks at a day-long Mostowfest of lectures in honor of Dan Mostow. His title is “The search for a mathematically satisfying geometric theory of automorphic forms” and he has already … Continue reading

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Love and Math

Edward Frenkel’s new book Love and Math is now out. It’s a must-read for those who share the interests of this blogger, so go get a copy now. The “Love” of the title is much more about love of mathematics … Continue reading

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Fields Medal Symposium

I just got back from a few days in Toronto, where I attended the Fields Medal Symposium on Fundamentals of the Langlands Program. This is the first of a planned yearly series to be held a the Fields Institute, with … Continue reading

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Langlands and Twistors?

I just heard about this from George Sparling, who is giving a talk this afternoon with the title “From Roger Penrose to Robert Langlands and back” at a symposium in Pittsburgh. I don’t at all know what this is about, … Continue reading

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Too Much Ain’t Enough Langlands

I should be packing for my trip, but couldn’t resist one last blog posting, since I’ve recently a run across a lot of interesting Langlands-related material, including: A Symposium this fall at the Fields Institute, in honor of Ngo’s Fields … Continue reading

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The Langlands Program and Quantum Field Theory

Edward Frenkel is here this semester in the math department at Columbia, and he’s giving a series of lectures on a topic dear to my heart. Video of his lectures on The Langlands Program and Quantum Field Theory is starting … Continue reading

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New For 2012

To celebrate the new year, I’ve finally gotten around to updating my home page, and have updated the blog theme to the latest wordpress default.  I’ve added an “FAQ” feature, which is still under construction and should get additions as … Continue reading

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