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Feb 24: John Etnyre (Georgia Tech)

Title: Curvature and contact topology

Feb 17: Boris Khesin (Toronto)

Title: Fluids, vortex membranes, and skew-mean-curvature flows

Feb 10: Jean-Michel Bismut (Orsay)

Title: The hypoelliptic Laplacian

Nov. 18: Chang-Shou Lin (National Taiwan U.)

Title:  Finding real roots of Eisenstein series of weight one by Painlevé VI

Nov. 11: Vladimir Markovic (Caltech)

Title:  Harmonic maps and heat flows on hyperbolic spaces

Nov 4: Nathan Dunfield (UIUC)

Title: Fun with 3-manifolds: connections between topology, geometry, and arithmetic

October 21: Edward Witten (IAS)

Title: Gauge Theory And Khovanov Homology

October 14: Oscar Randal-Williams (Cambridge)

Title: Moduli spaces of manifolds

May 6: Constantin Teleman (UC Berkeley)

Title: Geometric Dequantization

April 1: Steve Zelditch (Northwestern)

Title: Global Harmonic Analysis