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Special Colloquium

Special Colloquium

Speaker: Tom Hutchcroft (California Institute of Technology)
Title: Probability on groups
Abstract: It is a famous aphorism of Gromov that there are no non-trivial theorems that hold for all finitely generated groups. Modern probability theory has (arguably) led to several counterexamples to this claim, with a rich seam of research over the last few decades devoted to understanding the behaviour of probabilistic processes on arbitrary finitely generated groups and other homogeneous geometries. I will give an introduction to this topic, emphasizing connections to more classical topics in group theory. Time permitting, I will describe how many of the ideas developed in this field come together in my recent solution, joint with Philip Easo, of Schramm’s locality conjecture in percolation theory.

Date and Time: Friday January 26, 1:30 PM
Location: 520 Mathematics

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