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Spring 2016 Ritt Lectures, by Prof. Umberto Zannier

The spring 2016 Ritt Lectures, by Prof. Umberto Zannier, will take place May 3& 4. Prof. Umberto Zannier  will deliver a two talk series titled:

“Integration in finite terms for families of algebraic differentials”

Abstract: We shall be concerned with “integration in elementary terms,” an issue with old origins which in part motivated differential Galois theory and also quite interested Abel, Chebyshev, Liouville, Ritt,…
We shall confine ourselves to algebraic differentials; with the help of a criterion of Liouville their integrability can be linked to torsion points on abelian varieties.
In joint work with David Masser we have considered pencils of algebraic differentials on a curve, and the problem of whether specialization of the parameter may transform a differential which is non-integrable (in elementary terms) into an integrable one. I plan to describe a finiteness theorem in this direction and illustrate some different aspects of the proofs.

Tuesday, May 3 and Wednesday, May 4, 2016 at 3 pm

312 Mathematics Hall

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