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New York General Relativity Seminar — Spring 2017

The New York General Relativity Seminar will be held on April 14th. There will be two lectures. The first lecture is….(more)


The spring 2017 Ritt Lectures, by Prof. William Minicozzi,….(more)

Columbia University Symposium on Probability & Society

On February 17 there will be a half-day symposium featuring a series of short talks by Columbia faculty working on probability and its interactions with society…(more)

“The Discrete Charm of Geometry” Film Screening

Please join the department for a film screening of “The Discrete Charm of Geometry” Friday, Feb 17 at 7:30pm in 312 Mathematics, with director Ekaterina Eremenko…(more)

Spring 2017 Ellis R. Kolchin Lecture by Prof. Dennis Gaitsgory

The spring 2017 iteration of the Ellis R. Kolchin Memorial Lecture will be delivered….(more)

Prof. Mohammed Abouzaid awarded 2017 New Horizons Prize

Congratulations to Prof. Mohammed Abouzaid, who was recently announced as a recipient of the 2017 New Horizons in Mathematics Prize…..(more)

Ritt Lectures, Fall 2016, by Prof. Zhiwei Yun

The fall 2016 Ritt Lectures, by Prof. Zhiwei Yun, will take place December 15 & 16….(more)

Dusa McDuff and Dietmar Salamon, will receive the 2017 AMS Steele Prize for Exposition

They are honored for their book “J-Holomorphic Curves and Symplectic Topology”. McDuff and Salamon’s book J-holomorphic Curves and Symplectic Topology is a comprehensive introduction to Gromov’s theory of J-holomorphic curves….(more)

Joseph L. Birman 1927-2016

The Mathematics department offers our condolences to professor emerita Joan Birman, on the loss of her husband of 66 years, Joseph Birman, who passed away on October 1. Joseph Birman was a Distinguished Professor of theoretical physics at the City College of New York, and known for his work on human rights (the Committee of […]

Inaugural Fall 2016 Eilenberg Lecture: Thursday, September 8th

The Eilenberg Lecture Series will continue Thursdays at 1:10pm in room 520 Math.