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Fall 2017 Joseph Fels Ritt Lectures

Come join us Monday October 30th & Wednesday November 1st at 4:30 pm in RM 520, Professor Laszlo Szekelyhidi (University of Debrecen) will be giving a special lecture about “The h-principle in fluid dynamics”(MORE).

Invidious Comparisons: International politics, the Fields Medal, and the past, present, and future of mathematics, 1936-1966

The Center for Science & Society at Columbia University is hosting historian of mathematics Michael Barany (Dartmouth Society of Fellows) for a talk Wednesday October 11, 2017 at 6 pm(More).

Association for Women in Mathematics

Come see Laura Hayward give a lecture about Mathematics in Population Genetics at Columbia & Barnard, Milbank 323. Open to people of all genders and majors(MORE).

Fall 2017 Samuel Eilenberg Lecture Series

Come join us every Thursday (Fall term) at 2:40 pm in RM 520, Professor Paul Seidel (MIT) will be giving a series of lectures about “Automorphisms and Fibrations in Symplectic and Noncommutative Geometry”(MORE).

Fall 2017 Minerva Foundation Lectures

Attend this special lecture series in Probability and Mathematical Finance tomorrow Friday September 8th!(More…)

Dyson-Schwinger Equations, Topological Expansions and Random Matrices Lecture

Alice Guionnet will give ten main lectures, along with supplementary lectures by other senior researchers attending the school held on Monday August 28 until September 1,2017 (more).

2017 REU Summer Program Successfully Finalized!

Congratulations to all students! (more)

Welcome and Congratulations to the 2017 Cohort of Graduate Students!

Welcome new students! (more)

Profs. Andrei Okounkov and Wei Zhang to speak at 2018 International Congress of Mathematicians

Profs. Okounkov and Zhang to deliver talks at the 2018 ICM in Brazil. (more)

Simon Brendle selected as a 2017 Simons Investigator

Congratulations to Prof. Simon Brendle, who was recently selected as a 2017 Simons Investigator! (more)