Various Math Items

Some math-research items:

  • Mura Yakerson has been doing a really wonderful series of interviews with mathematicians, available at her math-life balance web-page or Youtube channel. I’ve just started listening to some of them, including ones with Peter Scholze and Dustin Clausen (Clausen is John Tate’s grandson, the latest AMS Notices has a memorial article).
  • There’s a remarkable report out from Peter Scholze about the progress of the Liquid Tensor experiment. Back when I first heard about this, I figured it was a clever plot by Scholze to get other people to help with a very complicated part of a proof, by getting them to work out the details, with the excuse being that they would be doing a computer check of the proof. Seemed to me very unlikely you could check such a proof with a computer, but that by forcing humans to try to disambiguate things carefully enough in preparation for a computer proof, he’d get a human-checked proof. Looks like I was wrong.
  • For yet more Scholze news, the Fields Medal symposium this year will be devoted to his work.
  • Trying to find something of interest in math, that wasn’t Scholze-related, I noticed this site devoted to the case of Azat Miftakhov, where there will be an online Azat Miftakhov Day program. Foiled though on the Scholze front, since he’s a speaker there, talking about Condensed Mathematics.
  • The list of those giving plenary lectures at next years ICM is here.

Update: Kevin Hartnett at Quanta has a good new article up about quantum field theory and mathematics (an inexhaustible topic…)

Update: Also from the Simons Foundation, there’s a wonderful profile of my Columbia colleague Andrei Okounkov, who has been very active in bringing together mathematics and ideas from quantum field theory.

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3 Responses to Various Math Items

  1. Bertie says:

    I like Scholze’s riff on the metal band Liquid Tension Experiment, which was formed back in 1997

  2. Peter Shor says:

    Let me note that the big news in the list of sections for the ICM is that there are two new Applied Math sections for invited lectures:

    17. Statistics and Data Analysis, with 8–11 talks (split from Probability and Statistics, and with a lot more talks than statistics used to get)


    18. Stochastic and Differential Modelling, with 4–6 talks (a completely new section).

    A lot of the other sections had their targets reduced by one talk to make room, although I think they’re also expanding the number of invited lectures a little. I knew something like this might be coming (but didn’t think to check it until I saw your blog post).

  3. Mark Hillery says:

    Here is a question from someone whose knowledge of quantum field theory is rudimentary. Does anyone know how the new work on making quantum field theory rigorous discussed in the Quanta article fits in with previous work in this area, such as axiomatic field theory a la Wightman, algebraic quantum field theory a la Haag (this is mentioned briefly), or constructive field theory?

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