Avi Zeff

I am a first-second-year PhD student at Columbia interested in number theory and arithmetic geometry. (Also, dead languages, music, and many other things.)

Email: avizeff@math.columbia.edu.


I'm organizing a seminar this fall on the proof of the norm residue isomorphism theorem; the website can be found here.


Note: all of these are still in flux and may (in fact, definitely do) contain at least some errors. Use at your own risk. (Also if you catch errors, or find one of the places where I have written something to the effect of ??? and moved on and have an explanation, please let me know!)

Expository writing for a general audience:

Expository writing for an audience which is approximately me:

Other resources

I have many opinions, but I am always soliciting more; if you have any good ones feel free to send them to me. (Responses not guaranteed.)