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CONGRATULATIONS to Professor Abouzaid!

Sixty three Mathematical scientists from around the world have been named Fellows of the American Mathematical Society (AMS) for 2018, the program’s sixth year and on November 1, 2017 Professor Mohammed Abouzaid was selected as one of the new AMS Fellows for 2018(MORE).

Fall 2017 Joseph Fels Ritt Lectures

Come join us Monday October 30th & Wednesday November 1st at 4:30 pm in RM 520, Professor László Székelyhidi Jr. (University of Leipzig) will be giving a special lecture about “The h-principle in fluid dynamics”(MORE).

Invidious Comparisons: International politics, the Fields Medal, and the past, present, and future of mathematics, 1936-1966

The Center for Science & Society at Columbia University is hosting historian of mathematics Michael Barany (Dartmouth Society of Fellows) for a talk Wednesday October 11, 2017 at 6 pm(More).

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