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The Bogdanov Equation

Another book that I picked up in Paris is Lubos Motl’s L’Équation Bogdanov: Le secret de l’origine de l’Univers?. It’s a rather weird document, a mish-mash of defense of the Bogdanovs (partly by comparing their ideas favorably to loop quantum … Continue reading

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Bogdanov Update

Earlier this year the Bogdanov brothers published Le Visage de Dieu, yet another book dealing with their ideas about the big-bang and pre-big-bang physics. This follows their earlier Avant le Big Bang, and L’équation Bogdanov : Le secret de l’origine … Continue reading

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Bogdanovs on Wikipedia

I’ve never really understood how Wikipedia works, especially how it protects itself from getting filled with nonsense. The entry about the Bogdanovs has evidently recently been the subject of repeated attempts by the Bogdanovs to modify it, one can follow … Continue reading

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Bogdanovs Gain a New Supporter

If you didn’t follow this a couple years ago, you can read John Baez’s detailed description of the Bogdanoff Affair. For more about my dealings with them, see here,, here, and here. If you want to read their stuff, go … Continue reading

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Bogdanov Thesis Reports

From one of the comments here I see that the Bogdanovs have put the reports on their theses on the CERN document server. One should perhaps take these with a grain of salt given their source. For instance, I wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Bogdanovs Redux

A couple years ago two French brothers, Igor and Grichka Bogdanov, managed to get Ph.Ds in France and publish several nonsensical papers about quantum gravity in refereed physics journals, several of them rather well-known and prestigious ones. John Baez has … Continue reading

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Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff 1949-2021/22

A few days ago I heard news from Paris of the death of Grichka Bogdanoff on Dec. 28, and this morning heard of the death yesterday of his twin brother Igor. There are many news stories online (e.g. here), and … Continue reading

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Retraction at Annals of Physics

Retraction Watch reports that Annals of Physics has removed a recently published article by Joy Christian, replacing it by a publisher’s note that just says: “This article was erroneously included in this issue. We apologize for any inconvenience this may … Continue reading

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Our Mathematical Universe

Max Tegmark has a new book out, entitled Our Mathematical Universe, which is getting a lot of attention. I’ve written a review of the book for the Wall Street Journal, which is now available (although now behind a paywall, if … Continue reading

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Adventures in Peer Review

Yesterday’s New York Times had an article by Carl Zimmer about increasing numbers of retracted papers in the biological sciences. Physics and Mathematics weren’t part of the story and I don’t know of any evidence of retractions increasing in these … Continue reading

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