Bogdanovs on Wikipedia

I’ve never really understood how Wikipedia works, especially how it protects itself from getting filled with nonsense. The entry about the Bogdanovs has evidently recently been the subject of repeated attempts by the Bogdanovs to modify it, one can follow the history here. This sort of thing seems to be enough of a problem that steps are being taken to prevent this kind of abuse.

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3 Responses to Bogdanovs on Wikipedia

  1. Nigel Cook says:

    Wikipedia stores previous versions of itself so changes can be indentified and reverted to the original easily if necessary. There is also a discussion facility for each entry where the rationale for a change can be argued. The battle is won by those nerds who have nothing else to do but keep changing or reverting entries to the way they want. So the Bogdanovs will probably win by sneaky tactics.

  2. Stan Seibert says:

    I also suspect the vast majority of Wikipedia articles are not controversial or “interesting” enough to attract the sort who would engage in such edit wars. Articles on slime molds and Happy, Texas aren’t go to be targets for this sort of abuse. But when it’s bad, it’s really bad.

  3. JF Moore says:

    Never underestimate the penchant for control among some people.

    It’s what keeps many forums moderated.

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