Quantum Theory, Groups and Representations

While I was away last week on vacation, it seems that Springer has published my book on quantum mechanics and representation theory (previously discussed in various blog posts). The Springer page is here, your institution may provide access to the content (and a $24.99 MyCopy softcover) at the Springer Link page for the book. I’ve retained copyright for the content of the book and a version with essentially the same content as the Springer version is available from my website here. The Springer version has their formatting, copy-editing and metadata. The Amazon webpage for the book (if you’re in the mood to write a review there, feel free) is here.

I haven’t yet seen a physical copy of the book, don’t know how long it will take for them to start printing copies. From people at Springer I learned last year that they no longer print and store copies of such books, they’re now always printed on demand (with the quality of the printing dependent on where you order your book from, German printers are quite good I hear..).

Just before leaving on vacation, I gave an introductory talk on some of the themes of the book at LaGuardia Community College (slides here). This week I’ll be giving a similar talk at a math department colloquium at Queensborough Community College this Wednesday (1 pm, Science building, S-213).

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10 Responses to Quantum Theory, Groups and Representations

  1. David Appell says:

    Congratulations, Peter.

  2. Peter Orland says:

    Congratulations on finishing this project Peter.

  3. Lino D'Ischia says:

    Enjoyed your slide presentation. Very informative. Gives you a great ‘bird’s-eye-view’ of the relation between CM and QM.

    On the slides: viewing it as a “continous” pdf, I found myself starting at the top of each slide, and not being able to focus in immediately on the ‘added’ portion. Watching your slide presentation may make that all go away; but, if not, then maybe the newest addition to a slide can be ‘shaded,’ or the older portion ‘shaded.’ Just a suggestion.

  4. Lino D'Ischia says:

    BTW, I’ve already said it, but, once again: Congratulations on your new publication!

  5. Jess Riedel says:

    Congrats Peter! And thanks especially for releasing the free version (and going through the hassle of retaining the copyright and so forth).

  6. Congratulations! I’m adding it to my list of future reading material (a list whose source term seems to be eclipsing its sink term these days, unfortunately).

  7. Peter Woit says:

    Lino D’Ischia,
    Thanks. I had intended to post the version you don’t step through, just replaced the file by the intended one, should be easier for people to read through if they want.

  8. Hossein Ehteshami says:

    Nice! My university has the subscription for Springer and I ordered a MyCopy softcover version. In the receipt, I see that it is not available yet and it will be printed approximately on 16th of November. I hope soon Springer prints it and I get my copy of this nice book 🙂

  9. a reader says:

    My copy of your book got delivered this morning – here in Denmark. It looks very nice. Congratulations!

  10. Peter Woit says:

    a reader,
    Thanks! I also got a bunch of copies late last week, was pleased to see how the actual physical books turned out.

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