Wormholes, Part Deux

I had thought that the universally negative reaction to the fall 2022 wormhole publicity stunt meant that we’d never hear more about this, with even the editors of Quanta magazine having understood that they’d been had. While away on vacation though, I learned from Dulwich Quantum Computing that all the authors of the original stunt are back, now claiming not just wormhole teleportation, but Long-range wormhole teleportation.

I’d also thought that no one at this point could possibly think it was a good idea to help these authors go to the public with their claims about creating wormholes in a lab. It seems though that this coming weekend if you’re here in NYC you can buy tickets to listen to some of them explain in person

the mind-bending speculation that we may be able to create wormholes—tunnels through spacetime—in the laboratory.

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4 Responses to Wormholes, Part Deux

  1. Klaus says:

    Peter, is one or several of the authors Michio Kaku writing under a pseudonym?

  2. Peter Woit says:

    I suppose Kaku might have decided that his credibility would be compromised if he claimed to have actually created a wormhole, so decided to write under a pseudonym, but that’s “mind-bending speculation”.

  3. B.Malpani says:

    Peter: just wondering: has there really been only one comment and your reply; or have there been additional comments that you’ve, uh, moderated?

    Just curious if this kind of hoax has, perhaps, been normalized.

  4. Peter Woit says:

    B. Malpani,
    Lots of moderated comments, basically people making worse jokes than the first one, or insulting the authors as morons (or me as a moron for mentioning their work).

    No substantive comments moderated out. Besides the authors likely no one out there is reading their work or willing to argue for it. Most physicists think this is nonsense, and not worth talking about (probably they’re right…).

    I would be quite interested to hear from anyone who went to last weekend’s event and could report on what happened there.

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