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Diversity Lunch Series

We are excited to invite you to our inaugural “Diversity Lunch Series”. The goal of this series is to foster a sense of community and an inclusive environment in our department. In this series, we ask some of the speakers of our research seminars who are from historically underrepresented groups in mathematics to share their journey in math and discuss career paths with our graduate students and postdocs.

Our upcoming meetings will be announced here.

Lunch will be provided. We hope to see you there!

Our previous meetings:

  • on Tuesday September 13th, the Department Colloquium speaker Jinyoung Park (Stanford University),
  • on Thursday October 6th, the Igor Krichever Conference speaker Tamara Grava (SISSA)
  • on Thursday October 13th, the Algebraic Geometry speaker Svetlana Makarova (UPenn)
  • on Thursday November 3rd, the Algebraic Geometry speaker Oishee Banerjee (IAS)
  • on Thursday December 2nd, the Probability Seminar speaker Evita Nestoridi (Stony Brook)

The organizers,

Elena Giorgi, Daniela De Silvia, Giulia Saccà

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