Selected Publications of Dorian Goldfeld
The functional equation of Langlands Eisenstein series for SL(n,Z) (with E. Stade and M. Woodbury) pdf
The shifted convolution L-function
(with G. Hinkle and J. Hoffstein, 2023) arxiv
The cubic Pell equation L-function
(with G. Hinkle, 2023) arxiv
The first coefficient of Langlands Eisenstein series
(with E. Stade and M. Woodbury, 2023) pdf
An asymptotic orthogonality relation for GL(n,R)
(with E. Stade and M. Woodbury, 2023) pdf
Number theoretical locally recoverable codes,
(with G. Micheli and A. Ferraguti, 2022) pdf
Automorphic representations and L-functions for GL(n),
(with H. Jacquet, 2021)  pdf
A template method for Fourier coefficients of Langlands Eisenstein series,
  (with S. Miller and M. Woodbury, 2020) arxiv
An orthogonality relation for GL(4,R),  (with E. Stade and M. Woodbury, 2020) arxiv
The algebraic theory of fractional jumps, (with G. Micheli, 2019) arxiv
Super-positivity of a family of L-functions in the level aspect, (with B. Huang, 2018)  arxiv
Super-positivity of a family of L-functions, (with B. Huang, 2017)   arxiv
A standard zero free region for Rankin-Selberg L-functions,  (with X. Li, 2016) arxiv
An additive prime divisor function of Alladi and ErdÅ‘s,  (2016) arxiv
A converse theorem for double Dirichlet series and Shintani zeta functions, (with N. Diamantis, 2016)  pdf
First moments of Fourier coefficients of GL(r) cusp forms, (with J. Sengupta, 2016)  pdf
On the GL(3) Kuznetsov formula with applications to symmetry types of families of L-functions
, (with A. Kontorovich, 2012)  arxiv
On the determination of the Plancherel measure for Lebedev-Whittaker transforms on GL(n), (with A. Kontorovich, 2011)  arxiv
Fourier expansions of GL(2) newforms at various cusps, (with J. Hundley and M. Lee, 2010)  arxiv
Natural boundaries and the correct notion of integral moments of L-functions, (with A. Diaconu and P. Garrett, 2009)  pdf
Moments for L-functions for GL(r) x GL(r-1),  (with A. Diaconu and P. Garrett, 2009) pdf
The Voronoi formula for GL(n, r), (with X. Li, 2009) pdf
Rank lowering linear maps and multiple Dirichlet series associated to  GL(n,R), (with M. Thillainasetan 2006)  pdf
Voronoi Formulas on GL(n),  (with X. Li, 2006) pdf
Second Moments of GL(2) L-Functions,  (with A. Diaconu, 2006) pdf
Counting Primes, Groups and Manifolds, (with A. Lubotzky, N. Nikolov, L. Pyber, 2004) pdf
Modular Forms, Elliptic Curves, and the ABC Conjecture (2003) pdf
The Elementary proof of the Prime Number Theorem,  An Historical Perspective, (2003) pdf
The Gauss Class Number problem for Imaginary Quadratic Fields, (2003) pdf
Counting Congruence Subgroups, (with A. Lubotzky and L. Pyber, 2002)  pdf
Multiple Dirichlet series and moments of zeta and L-functions(with A. Diaconu and J. Hoffstein, 2001) arxiv
Estimating additive character sums for Fuchsian groups, (with C. O'Sullivan, 2001) pdf
Eisenstein series twisted by modular symbols for the group SL(n), (with P. Gunnells, 2000)  arxiv
Grossencharakter L-functions of real quadratic fields twisted by modular symbols, (with G. Chinta, 2001) pdf
The holomorphic kernel of the Rankin-Selberg convolution,  (with S.W. Zhang, 2000) pdf
The distribution of modular symbols, (1999)  pdf
Zeta functions formed with modular symbols,
(1999) pdf
Zeta functions, one-way functions, and pseudorandom number generators, (with M. Anshel, 1997) pdf
Effective bounds on the size of the Tate-Shafarevich group, (with D. Lieman, 1996) pdf
Beyond the Last Theorem, (1996)  pdf
Bounds for the order of the Tate-Shafarevich group(with L. Szpiro, 1995) pdf
Special values of the derivatives of L-functions, (1995)  pdf
Parametrization of modular elliptic curves by Poincare series,
(1995)  pdf
Coefficients of Maass Forms and the Siegel Zero (with an Appendix by Dorian Goldfeld, Jeffrey Hoffstein, and Daniel Lieman, 1994  pdf  pdf
On the number of Fourier coefficients that determine a modular form,
(with J. Hoffstein, 1993)  pdf
Mellin transforms of Whittaker functions
, (with S. Friedberg, 1993)  pdf
On the computational complexity of modular symbols, (1992)  pdf
Egyptian Fractions, and Free Products of Finite Abelian Groups, (with M. Anshel, 1991) pdf
Modular elliptic curves and Diophantine problems, (1990)  pdf
Applications of the Hardy-Ramanujan partition theory to linear Diophantine problems,  (with M. Anshel 1988) pdf
Poincare series and Kloosterman sums for SL(3,Z)
, (with D. Bump, S. Friedberg, 1988) pdf
Kloosterman zeta functions for GL(n, R), (ICM, Berkeley 1986 pdf
Gauss' Class Number problem for Imaginary Quadratic
Fields, (1985) pdf
Eisenstein series of 1/2-integral weight and the mean value of real quadratic L-series,  (with J. Hoffstein, 1985) pdf
A Kronecker limit formula for cubic fields, (with D. Bump. 1984) pdf
Sums of Kloosterman Sums,
(with P. Sarnak, 1983) pdf
Some conjectures on elliptic curves over cyclotomic fields, (with C. Viola, 1983) pdf
Sur les produits partiel euleriens attaches aux courbes elliptiques,
(1982) pdf
On automorphic functions of half-integral weight with applications to elliptic curves,
(with J. Hoffstein, S.J. Patterson, 1982)  pdf
Analytic and arithmetic theory of Poincare series,
(1979) pdf
Conjectures on elliptic curves over quadratic fields, (1979) pdf
An analogue of the class number one problem
, Appendix to the paper: Rational isogenies of prime degree, by B. Mazur, (with B. Mazur 1978) pdf
The conjectures of Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer and the class numbers of quadratic fields, (1977) pdf
The class number of quadratic fields and the conjectures of Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer, (1976)  pdf
A remark on certain Hecke L-series which are non-negative on the real axis, (with S. Chowla, 1976) pdf
A further improvement of the Brun-Titchmarsh theorem, (1975) pdf
On Siegel's zero
, (with A. Schinzel, 1975) pdf
An asymptotic formula relating the Siegel zero and the class number of quadratic fields
, (1975) pdf
A simple proof of Siegel's theorem, (1974) pdf
A large sieve for a class of non-abelian L-functions,  (1973)  pdf
On the number of primes p for which p+a has a large prime factor, (1969)  pdf
Artin's conjecture on the average (My Ph.D. thesis,  1968)  pdf