2009 Math Prize Exam

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The 2009 Math Prize Exam was given on Tuesday, March 10, 2009, from 7:30 pm to 10:30 pm in Math 203.

The various prizes are listed below:

Each of the following prizes is open to First-Years, Sophomores, Juniors. The prize involves a cash award. Each prize may be shared among deserving recipients in all three academic years.

The following prize is open to degree candidates.

The following Prize Exams from previous years are available:

The following Prize Exam Solutions from previous years are available:

Future prize exam committees:

Using separate forms for each problem made grading much more enjoyable, made it possible for the committee to grade in parallel, and discouraged students from writing novels for problems they could not solve. Here is (roughly) the answer form and cover page that we used, designed to be used again:

We filled in the "exam number" by hand on each cover sheet, instructed students to copy their exam number to each answer form, and instructed students not to staple together different problems.

Most students used one page per problem, and did not work all problems. 106 problems were handed in, so printing 200 forms would have been plenty. I also have extras from 2009, if you would like to recycle them.

Please contact me if you would like the Adobe Illustrator source files, or if you would like me to modify them for you.