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Spring 2018 Joseph Fels Ritt Lectures

The spring 2018 Ritt Lectures, by Professor Michael Eichmair, will take place on Tuesday, March 20, 2018 between 2:45 – 3:45pm in Rm 417 and Wednesday, March 21, 2018 between 4:30 – 5:30pm in Rm 520. Professor Eichmair (University of Vienna), will deliver a two talk series titled:

“Scalar Curvature & Isoperimetry in the Large”

According to the initial value formulation of general relativity, all that is future and all that is past is contained in a glimpse of a space-time. This correspondence between the physics of the evolving space-time and the geometry of initial data for the Einstein equations is highly non-linear. The works of H. Bray, D. Christodoulou, G. Huisken, R. Schoen, S.-T. Yau, and others suggests isoperimetry (How much area is needed to enclose a given amount of volume in initial data for the space-time?) as a tool for extracting physical information about the space-time from the initial data. I will discuss recent proofs of a number of their conjectures in my two lectures.

This is joint work with S. Brendle, with O. Chodosh, with O. Chodosh, Y. Shi, and H. Yu, and with O. Chodosh, Y. Shi, and J. Zhu.

Recent developments in Constructive Field Theory

Tuesday, March 13-15, 2018
Columbia University, Mathematics Hall, Room 407

This mini-workshop will center on recent progress on topics such as Stochastic Quantization, discrete complex analysis and graphical methods, local sets, gauge theories, …

The workshop is supported by the National Science Foundation (DMS 1308476).

For more information please visit the link below;

Organizers: Julien Dubedat, and Fredrik Viklund.

Berkeley–Columbia Meeting in Engineering & Statistics

The Berkeley-Columbia Meeting provides a biannual, interdisciplinary forum for research in Engineering, Finance, Mathematics and Statistics. The first meeting was held at UC Berkeley in 2016. The second meeting is hosted by Columbia on Friday, April 6 and Saturday, April 7, 2018Registration is not necessary. However, seating is limited—first come, first served.

For more information please visit the link below;

Organizers: Agostino Capponi (Columbia IEOR), Xin Guo (Berkeley IEOR), Marcel Nutz (Columbia Stat and Math),  and Yuchong Zhang (Columbia Stat).

Transport and localization in random media: theory and applications

This workshop will present recent developments on wave propagation, scattering and diffusion in random medias at the interface of probability theory, mathematical physics and PDEs. Accessible lectures by leading mathematicians will catalyze interactions among both junior and senior researchers in fundamental and applied fields.

May 1 – 3, 2018

Organizers: Ivan Corwin, Alexis Drouot, Hao Shen, Michael I. Weinstein

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