Yet More About Grothendieck

Since Grothendieck’s death somewhat more than a year ago, quite a lot of new material about him and his mathematics has become available. Visit the Grothendieck Circle to find a lot of this, with just one example some new chapters of the English translation of the third volume of Scharlau’s biography.

This month’s AMS Notices has the first of two parts of a long article with contributions from many mathematicians discussing Grothendieck’s work and their memories of him and his influence on their careers. Colin McLarty has an excellent expository article, maybe the best of attempts I’ve seen to explain some of the themes of Grothendieck’s mathematics in a relatively accessible manner.

While you’re there, this latest issue of the Notices has quite a bit else worth reading, from my colleague Ivan Corwin on KPZ universality to Beilinson on Gelfand’s seminar, and an amusing attempt by Jeremy Gray to guess not the next Fields medalist, but who would have gotten one in 1866.

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3 Responses to Yet More About Grothendieck

  1. Anonymous Eric says:

    Peter, your math posts may not generate as many comments or interesting discussions, but they are much appreciated. Today’s post is a perfect example. The Mochizuki/ABC posts have been very nice also.

    Keep them coming. Thanks.

  2. Anonymous Adam says:

    @Anonymous Eric Amen.

  3. MathPhys says:

    I definitely agree with this.

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