Summer Break

Heading out soon for summer vacation travels, this time to Ireland and France, back in about two weeks. While away comments will be shut off.

My vacation will spare readers commentary on the rest of the Strings 2015 talks, which at some point will appear here. It seems that the conference included the usual publicity campaign for string theory, with Ashoke Sen continuing to demonstrate a sense of humor by telling the press that

In string theory, we are essentially following in the same steps

as the 50 year story of the Higgs mechanism, the Standard Model and the discovery of the Higgs particle. It does put modern HEP research in perspective once one realizes that its greatest success (the Standard Model) and greatest failure (string theory unification) are essentially the same…

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2 Responses to Summer Break

  1. Mesmar Djehha says:

    This is a nice but incomplete future prediction for the field.
    50 years will then also be the lapse of time before string theory predictions could be tested, but what would be the lapse of time before the appearance of those predictions?

    Happy vacations Peter.

  2. Peter Woit says:

    Mesmar Djeha,
    I think part of Sen’s joke is that since the Higgs mechanism was 1964 and the vindicating discovery was 48 years later (2012), taking the birth of string theory as the Veneziano model in 1968, we’re on track for experimental vindication of string theory next year…

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