Short Items

  • On Monday there will be symposia at Stanford featuring the Breakthrough Prize winners, with streaming video available. For the morning program, with dignitaries and such, see here. The Mathematics symposium will run 11-5, the program is here, streaming video here. The Physics symposium is also 11-5, no program yet, but streaming video will be here. If you’re in Berkeley they have an event to watch the videos at International House, see here.
  • Tomorrow in Paris will be the Seminaire Bourbaki, supposedly you can watch the talks online here.
  • Latest news on the Journal of K-theory front (for background, see here) is that the Editorial Board has resigned and is starting up a new journal, to be called Annals of K-theory and published by MSP. The story seems to be that the Journal of K-theory was very profitable, but the profits were going personally to the managing editor, Anthony Bak. Evidently he refused to agree to demands to change this arrangement, so was removed from the K-theory Foundation set up to use funds from the journal, and the other editors (except one) resigned. They are encouraging university libraries to consider canceling subscriptions to the Journal of K-theory, but it’s not clear this is possible, since such subscriptions are now often part of bundles.
  • If you’d like to see what the theory group at CERN is up to, take a look at presentations at their retreat, which ends today.

Update: The program for Monday’s Breakthrough Prize physics symposium is available. It reveals that there will be 3 joint winners of this year’s $3 million. I’m betting Polchinski and two others, most likely Strominger and Vafa. The physics speakers get 15 minutes to give a talk, 5 minutes for questions. Mathematicians get twice as long, a total of 40 minutes/talk.

Update: It looks like mathematicians too are getting in on the Hollywood thing. Next week, sandwiched in between Diane von Furstenberg and Jennifer Lawrence, Terry Tao will appear on the Colbert show.

Update: The Terry Tao Colbert show segment is here.

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7 Responses to Short Items

  1. S. Chan says:

    What is with the Bourbaki video? When I browse the web page, a message comes up saying, “This is a private video. Please log in to verify that you may see it.”

  2. Ramanujan says:

    I’d go with Bekenstein, ‘t Hooft, Susskind. Though the CM triplet Kane, Molenkamp, Zhang might be a safer bet.

  3. Avattoir says:

    N.E.W. going men’s mag Risqué with the Lawrence/Tao/von Fürstenberg snack imagery? E. in H.E.P. now = Esquire?

  4. Don Jennings says:

    Interesting. Does this indicate that Mr. Milner is coming around to the not uncommon sentiment that doling out $3m per already-quite-wealthy-physicist is perhaps not the smartest way to spend money?

  5. Amusingly, the Colbert Report profile neglects to mention the Fields Medal, probably the most impressive prize Terry has received.

  6. Whoops says:

    David- it was mentioned at 0:30, check again (and called the “Nobel of Math”).

  7. @Whoops

    I can’t watch the video clip from my Vegemite-munching country, but the Fields was and still is missing from the long list of prizes here:

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