MiniBooNE Announcement

It seems that the MiniBooNE neutrino experiment at Fermilab is finally ready to announce results. A talk next Wednesday, 11am, at Fermilab by Janet Conrad and William Louis has been scheduled, with title Initial MiniBooNE Oscillation Results.

Via Alexey Petrov, who explains the significance and teases that there’s a rumor that MiniBooNE sees “something interesting”…

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9 Responses to MiniBooNE Announcement

  1. A says:

    Hi Peter, The results will also be released at Columbia by Mike Shaevitz – at the same time. It will be at 1pm EST in rm 428 Pupin Hall.

  2. Brett says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if every MiniBooNE PI is giving a talk on Wednesday. Rex Tayloe has one at Indiana.

  3. JA says:

    Your speech in Japan was terrific, Peter!

  4. Chris Oakley says:

    He’s very persuasive … if I lived in Japan, I’d vote for him. Or not. Whatever he wanted.

  5. Peter Woit says:


    Thanks, I’ll be there to hear the results first-hand!

  6. Marco says:

    Thank you for the heads-up. Any idea whether one of these talks (ideally the one at FNAL) will be available in streaming on the web?

  7. Marco says:

    Yes, it looks like the streaming will be available here:

  8. V says:

    If MiniBooNe announces that they have evidence for a sterile neutrino, does anyone have an idea of how this fits in with the Standard Model? To me, the most natural explanation would be that this a a fourth generation right-handed neutrino which has a strongly suppressed Majorana mass so that the seesaw swings the other way and gives the fourth-generation left-handed neutrino a mass ~50 GeV.

  9. If MiniBoone sees something like a sterile neutrino, its phenomenological consequences would strongly depend on the CP properties of the component(s) beyond the three mass eigenstates. For this twist to the problem, see hep-ph/0702049.

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