Too Much Ain’t Enough Langlands

I should be packing for my trip, but couldn’t resist one last blog posting, since I’ve recently a run across a lot of interesting Langlands-related material, including:

  • A Symposium this fall at the Fields Institute, in honor of Ngo’s Fields Medal winning work, on Fundamentals of the Langlands Program. They have a symposium blog, and including a video with Jim Arthur who gives a little bit of historical background to the Langlands Program.
  • This past semester the Fields Institute has had a program on Galois Represesentations, with an instructional workshop, lecture series by Michael Harris and Christophe Breuil, and lots more. Some notes are on the instructional workshop page, and lots of audio of the talks are available here (so you can see what trying to learn math will be like when you go blind).
  • To hear from the man himself, there’s something old here (notes here), something from last year here.
  • In recent years Matt Emerton has written some wonderful expository pieces, often on Langlands-related topics, as the answers to questions on MathOverflow. He has collected links to them here.
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