Nobel Prize Winning Orgiasts

DealBreaker, which is described as “an online business tabloid and Wall Street gossip blog”, has a story about supposed Jeffrey Epstein parties “in which Nobel prize winners and various wealthy folks were all surrounded by young, ‘nude eastern european girls, frolicking with them, and then proceeding into one big orgy party.'” The story refers hopefully to the idea that this might have something to do with the physics symposium in St. Thomas funded and organized by Epstein that was mentioned here.

Update: When I wrote this blog posting last night, it was purely based on the posting at DealBreaker, which appeared to be a silly fantasy, based I assumed on some highly exaggerated version of something that happened involving consenting adults at an Epstein party. The idea of Gross-Wilczek-‘t Hooft-Hawking participating in an orgy at the conference Epstein sponsored was obviously a joke, although perhaps a bit of a tasteless one. I was completely unaware of the serious accusations against Epstein and of the fact that charges have been filed against him involving his sexual behavior. Given this context which I didn’t know about, the joke isn’t funny.

Epstein has been exceptionally generous to the math and physics community over the years. He’s entitled to the presumption of innocence and I don’t think this blog is an appropriate place for discussion of his case. So I’m shutting off further comments on this posting.

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20 Responses to Nobel Prize Winning Orgiasts

  1. Chris Oakley says:

    Peter, this is one link I wish you had not provided.

    Firstly, I find that the image of Stephen Hawking being pleasured by a bevy of Eastern European beauties is one that I do not wish to contemplate.

    Secondly, the best I ever managed to do on the junket count – which was when I worked as a quant in the City of London – was a visit to a roped-off area at Royal Ascot paid for by a broker. It was awkward as we felt morally obliged to demonstrate (financially) macho credentials by placing large bets. Luckily one of my horses came in, otherwise it would have been expensive for me, too. A nice day out, but no hired help other than the driver, who was singularly unattractive, and a man.

  2. D R Lunsford says:

    Not Even Hung


  3. Louise says:

    Someone should note that Stephen hasn’t won the Nobel. Are there similiar parties for woman scientists?

  4. From the DealBreaker story:

    “There is no agenda except fun and physics, and that’s fun with a capital ‘F,'” Epstein said.

    May the F be with him.

  5. ObsessiveMathsFreak says:

    Would this be a good time to bring up the social habits of ancient greek mathematicial philosophers?

  6. Jeremy says:

    I would be happy to arrange even better parties for female physicists.

  7. Cynthia says:


    Extremely tasteless of you to create a post on this tabloid trash! Simply put, you appear to be trapped on one side of the mountain with zero classical energy. Perhaps quantum tunneling is the only way you can safely make it back to the other side…Good luck…

    Best wishes,

  8. LostHisMarbles says:

    `nude eastern european girls’ what’s wrong with nude western european girls? Why bother to watch soap operas when one can tune in here? Why wasn’t I invited?

  9. Jeremy says:

    LostHisMarbles: As one of the more popular theories go, the collapse of the Soviet Union was not due to an inability to keep up with the expensive technological innovation and economic power of the United States, but rather because they had long, cold winters, plentiful vodka, and some of the hottest women on the planet. Why fight a cold war?

  10. Jean-Paul says:

    Louise — there were also women scientists there — you can see Lisa Randall in Larry Krauss’ photo gallery
    Why all these bright people need somebody to pay for their Carribean vacation? They can’t afford it? What a filth…

  11. anon says:

    Stephen Hawking is a definite suspect. He has lapdances in Peter Stringfellow’s nightclub, London, in 2003 and although most media tried to censor the news it leaked out. The Scotsman newspaper even reports the teenage lady’s name:

    “In July [2003] the Lucasian professor for Mathematics at Cambridge University and author of A Brief History of Time spent five hours at Peter Stringfellow’s lapdance club, the Cabaret of Angels, enjoying the gyrations of a 19-year-old dancer called ‘Tiger’.”

    The BBC website naturally reports that the experience was beneficial to Professor Hawking’s health:

    “… I heard a rumour that Man City have just signed the lapdance-loving Professor, Stephen Hawking …”

  12. Hey all,

    first, please don’t complain if Peter throws in some trivia about physicists in here. I, for one, couldn’t help laughing out loud while reading the post and the comments that ensued.

    Second, what’s wrong with an orgy ? An orgy never, or very seldom, kills anybody. Come on. You straight thinkers go and deal with more pressing issues, such as corpses of children hit by bombs in Lebanon. These kinds of outraged reactions to anything that has to do with sex (a healthy activity in general, and like many other healthy activities at times misused) are ridiculous and only tag narrowmindedness and bigotry.

    And personally, if I was confined in a wheelchair and decided that my life was still worth living, I would have no shame in contemplating the body of a young dancer on my lap if the chance arose. Give me a break.


  13. LostHisMarbles says:

    Is a party in the Carribean cool if the girls are hot?

  14. Visitor says:

    It might turn out to be not as funny as it seems; a posting on Angry Physics lead me to Motl’s post on his blog about it, and that lead to this link to the Harvard Crimson: . Motl says Epstein has been arrested but the Crimson might be confusing “getting arrested” and “being indicted” – their reportage is not exactly clear on this point.

  15. deloprator2000 says:

    Hopefully Mr. Epstein checked that the “nude eastern european girls” were clean. I could just imagine t’Gooft and Stephen Hawking checking into an STD clinc, I wonder if his computer has the words for “it burns when I pee”.

  16. LostHisMarbles says:

    It makes you wonder if `nude western european girls’ might not have been a better choice.

  17. justin says:

    This is really despicable. Peter, spreading these kind of debauched unsubstantiated rumors is very hurtful. Even the suggestion that someone as thoughtful and respectful as t’Hooft would engage in this kind of activity is infuriating.

  18. Chris Oakley says:

    Proposal for career advancement for Louise:

    • Send resume, etc. to Stephen Hawking. Make you include photographs, e.g. the one posted on 3rd August blog entry.
    • Upon arrival in Cambridge attempt to get said Lucasian Professor of Mathematics into compromising situation (shouldn’t be hard, on the basis of current evidence).
    • Use opportunity to tamper with his speech synthesizer, to enable remote control from mobile phone.
    • At public lecture given by said Lucasian Professor, make him announce arrival of most brilliant cosmologist ever, i.e. self, and the necessity of bestowing unlimited academic honours, etc.

  19. So let me get this straight, an unknown predator can stock childern and your reaction would be shock and horror. But a billionaire preys on childern and its a good source for some B-sheet humor?

    You ever see the consenquences of this kind of predatory behaviour first hand Peter?

    This is nearly as low as Lubos.

    It would be best to apologize and possibly remove this post.

  20. D R Lunsford says:

    C’mon, I don’t like string theorists either, but you needn’t call them children.


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