Yarn Theory

A couple people wrote in this morning to tell me about today’s Doonesbury, which features slacker Zipper Harris (who has a blog) trying to impress a woman he last saw in sophomore year of college. He’s still undecided about his major, but tells her:

I’m thinking physics.  Yarn theory.

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7 Responses to Yarn Theory

  1. MathPhys says:

    He should do M(otl) Theory.

  2. Lubos Woit says:

    like sweater yarn?

  3. Bert Schroer says:

    No, it’s like sailors yarn.

  4. Kea says:

    While we’re yarning coarsely…maybe you know this already, but the BBC now has a blog!

  5. Lubos Woit says:

    looks like a glorified editorial and column section.

  6. Jeremy says:

    What about radio zoology?

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