An explanation of something that readers of this and other related blogs may have run into recently:

An ex-boyfriend of a close personal friend of mine has been posting here and elsewhere repulsive and delusional material about the two of us. A few weeks ago he wrote to her to demand money, telling her that if she didn’t pay up he would go on a campaign to broadcast information discreditable to me and embarrassing to her. She didn’t pay him and what you may have seen is the result of him making good on his threat.

I’ve never met this person, and his accusations are simply untrue. If you’re owner of a blog where this is posted, please delete this material, although it might be a good idea to save a copy in case it becomes evidence in a criminal case. Otherwise please just ignore it completely, unless you’d like to help me out by contacting the blog owner to tell them what is going on and ask them to delete it. Thanks.

Note added: I appreciate the intention, but please do not post comments or advice about this here on the blog.

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