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There are now several excellent blogs somehow related to mathematics being run by local people, including a couple new ones, so I thought it would be a good idea to mention these here:

  • Andrew Gelman of the Columbia Statistics department runs the very active Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference and Social Science blog, which features a wealth of all sorts of different topics, from technical ones about statistics, to social science applications.
  • Emanuel Derman, who started his career as an HEP theorist, was one of the early migrants to the financial industry, and now is teaching here at Columbia in the Financial Engineering program, has a new blog at Reuters. His last book was the very interesting My Life as a Quant, this fall he has a new one coming out entitled Models Behaving Badly.
  • Cathy O’Neil, a mathematician who taught here for a while before changing career path, starting with a job at the hedge fund D.E. Shaw, has recently started the wonderful Mathbabe blog.
  • I think I mentioned this already, but one of my colleagues, Johan de Jong (Cathy’s husband) also has a blog, the Stacks Project Blog. If your metric to evaluate blogs is something like “quality of information” x “degree of abstraction and technicality”, his has to be the best blog in the world.
  • If you have comments on these blogs, I encourage you to post them there rather than here. I would be interested in hearing about any other local math/physics related blogs that I’m unaware of.

    Update: Another local math/physics-related blog has made its debut today, Davide Castelvecchi’s Degrees of Freedom. It’s part of a network of new blogs being launched today by Scientific American, which is based here in New York.

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    3 Responses to Local Blogs

    1. John Baez says:

      “Stacks Project Blog”? Cool. But I want “Stack Overflow”.

    2. Han Yan says:

      I think the US LHC Blog is a great one. Now it has became part of Quantum Diaries.

    3. off topic says:

      It seems that Lubos just discovered supersymmetry in Obama’s birthcertificate.
      Quite amazing!

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