Back to the Usual

Since April 1 is over, choice of blog topics will revert to the usual, and at some point I’ll get around to reverting the logo. There are plenty of other blogs covering desserts, biking, and what’s wrong with Obama, so I think I better stick to my market niche.

In Langlands/String Theory/Media news, the last episode of The Big Bang Theory (The Zarnecki Incursion) starts off with a scene where the white-board in the background has a central object in Langlands theory. It’s the representation of the upper-half-plane modulo SL(2,Z) as an adelic double coset, with a picture of a tree for the prime p=2. Next week, my colleague Brian Greene will make a guest appearance. For more Big Bang coverage, see Lubos, who really does seem to think that he’s Sheldon.

Later today I’ll post the usual tedious new review of a book about the multiverse. But, first I need to get breakfast at Silver Moon, and the weather is great for a bike ride…

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14 Responses to Back to the Usual

  1. Chris Oakley says:

    No offers to appear yourself, reading from “Not Even Wrong”?

  2. Per says:

    The below was a very clever way to put something off topic, but still relevant, into the blog without having to defend your position for it 🙂

    Peter – Raders : 1 – 0


  3. Per says:

    Raders should of course have been readers. Sigh.

  4. NE1 says:

    Wow. You got me. I need to be less easily amused?

  5. Navneeth says:

    You almost had me remove your blog from my Google Reader subscriptions, Dr. Woit. And let me congratulate you for pulling off the only the April Fool’s joke (IRL or on the interwebz) that actually fooled me.

  6. Nono says:

    Lubos has just publicly admitted that there actually was a global warming in the last two decades of the twentieth century. Unless it was his April fool’s joke, things look really bad on the climate front. Now I’m sure we’re all going to get fried in a few years.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Sheldon quit career a few times, but unlike Lubos, he always returned…

  8. Desperate Scientist says:

    It was a joke?
    Oh, dear….

  9. tulpoeid says:

    I at least hope that you won’t also revert to the usual fascist (sic) policy about comments. Actually imho it’s not fascist and this was on purpose exaggerated in order to make it appear milder; it’s not fascist since it’s your own blog, but it’s definitely ill-defined.

  10. Bugsy says:

    Peter: welcome back! But actually I enjoyed the change so much I suggest you invite other-universe self to guest comment once a month…

    As for Obama, what you say is so sad but true. On Libya he may for once be right (see Juan Cole’s excellent blog), but I don’t question for a moment his capacity to cave in to intrinsically arrogant neocon sidekicks who will screw things up once more. And what do they care? Their kids all go to expensive private schools; money can buy a mountain retreat if the beaches get flooded, so the future is assured; Koch is paying the bills, investments have been made, and Libya is a land far far away…the better to test out the latest ideological theories on…

  11. Peter Woit says:


    Thanks, but part of back to the usual is that ruthless fascist deletion of all comments attempting to carry on discussions about politics will now resume. Same goes for biking and dessert discussions.

  12. cormac says:

    ‘the usual tedious new review of a book about the multiverse’?
    Did you mean a review of a tedious new book about the multiverse?
    I’ve just finished a review of kaku’s latest book for The Irish Times, not at all what I expected

  13. Low Math, Meekly Interacting says:

    I chuckled through my tears, as it were. The irony of finding the words here was overwhelmed, somewhat, by the sadder irony of how reasonable I found them.

  14. Joe S says:

    You don’t realize how close I came to deleting the bookmark for this site. Good one!

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