Roadmap for Fermilab

Over at Quantum Diaries, Rob Gardner has an interesting report on a lunchtime informal brown bag talk given yesterday by Pier Oddone, the director of Fermilab.

He includes some telegraphic comments about prospects for financing future accelerators (the ILC and upgrades to the LHC):

Scenarios are complex to me! What will CERN and Asia do? Looking at 8B for ILC? How to share the cost? CERN is in debt till 2010! And, note that LHC will need to be upgraded, and will cost 1.5B or so. Can CERN chip in 1B + other Europe 1B? Can we then claim 50% from abroad (ask for 4B)? But what if the ILC RDR comes back at 12B?

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5 Responses to Roadmap for Fermilab

  1. anon says:

    What we need is Intelligent Design (of colliders). Hmmm…IDC

  2. scott says:

    off topic question: Peter, what happened to that review of Susskind’s book you said you were working on over at cosmicvariance? Are you still going to write that?

  3. woit says:

    Hi Scott,

    Hope to have it done later today. Got behind schedule on a bunch of things partly due to a day lost to a migraine headache.

  4. Chris Oakley says:


    Do any String theorists have access to your kitchen?

    One can’t be too careful …

  5. Quantoken says:

    Sure they have access to Peter’s kitchen. Through extra dimentions!!! Kaku, the guy who always brag about extra dimentions, has no problem access the TV screen in my family room, no matter what channel I switch to. I guess he has plenty of extra dimentions to use 🙂

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