The Abstruse Goose recently provided an excellent summary of how to go about learning string theory. It starts with “String Theory for Dummies”, here. Tommaso Dorigo’s latest say of the week is somehow relevant.

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5 Responses to Prerequisites

  1. ampm says:

    There’s commentary on those who wish to use mathematics to study gauge theories, too.

  2. Giotis says:

    He forgot to include Supersymmetry and Supergravity.

  3. Coin says:

    I would be legitimately interested in an entry-level introduction to string theory, especially if it focused on string theory as a mathematical framework rather than string theory as a physical theory.

  4. Tim van Beek says:

    @Coin: You could try “A mathematical introduction to string theory. Variational problems, geometric
    and probabilistic methods.” by Albeverio, Jost, Paycha, Scarlatti.
    This is a mathematically sound exposition of the quantization of the relativistic bosonic string using the Polyakov functional integral (so it is not an introduction to “string theory”, as the title implies, but only to one aspect, but mathematically rigorous).

  5. Coin says:

    Tim, thanks! I’ll try to take a look and see if I can handle it…

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