$2 Million For The Nature of Time

FQXI has just announced that it will be awarding another series of large grants, of size \$50K-\$100K, totaling about \$2 million. These grants will be targeted at research into “The Nature of Time.” Initial proposals are due June 14, grants will start January 2011. For more details, see here and here.

At this point, I’m a bit curious about where the FQXI money is coming from. They started up in 2006 with a seed grant from the Templeton Foundation of about \$8.8 million, and that grant was supposed to finish at the end of last year. Going forward, I haven’t seen any indication of whether they’re still operating on the seed money, or have new money from Templeton or other sources.

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  1. Kea says:

    I received their bulk email about this, even though I asked to be taken off their mailing list years ago. Anyway, I submitted a proposal, because it was easy enough, but I doubt it will get past the admin people … an institution is required.

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