Distler on Multi-loop Amplitudes

Jacques Distler has a new posting about multi-loop string amplitudes. It’s mainly devoted to the Berkovits superstring formalism, and explains in some detail the possible problems with this formalism that one might worry about. I’d alluded to some of these in the comment section of my posting about this last week, responding to commenters claiming that Berkovits had a proof of finiteness of multi-loop amplitudes. At the time, all I got in response was abuse about how ignorant I was. Presumably the same people will be either showering Jacques with abuse, or apologizing to me. Funny, for some reason Distler doesn’t mention what I’d written about this. He also seems to have somehow neglected to put “Not Even Wrong” in his list of links to physics weblogs.

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  1. Lubos Motl says:

    Dear Peter,

    I think that your comments are relatively far from those of Jacques, although – I hope that Jacques won’t be terribly offended – they’re not infinitely far. 😉


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