I should finish writing the next installment of the Notes on BRST series soon, but thought I’d post here about two pieces of BRST-related news, concerning the “B” and the “T”.

  • The “T” in BRST is I.V. Tyutin, whose Lebedev preprint N. 39 from 1975 is considered to be one of the first uses of what was later to become known as BRST symmetry. This paper was never published and the preprint has not been widely available (in particular, I’ve never seen a copy of the original). This evening one of the new preprints in the arXiv hep-th section is a copy of the 1975 preprint, making it now available on the web.
  • The “B” in BRST is Carlo Becchi, who together with Camillo Imbimbo has written an article on BRST for Scholarpedia entitled Becchi-Rouet-Stora-Tyutin symmetry. Scholarpedia has the interesting feature of making available (here) the discussion between reviewers and authors of the article, which can be enlightening.
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    4 Responses to BRST News

    1. . says:

      «in particular, I’d never seen a copy»


    2. Peter Woit says:

      More like bad grammar or something… Will improve.

    3. pedant says:

      `I had never seen’ is good grammar, since you did see a copy before writing this post. 🙂

    4. N. Nakanishi says:

      Previously, I discussed the literature concerning the names of BRS and BRST. See Opening Address — “BRS” OR “BRST” ? — of “BRS Symmetry, Proceedings of the International Symposium on the BRS Symmetry on the Occasion of Its 20th Anniversary Held in Kyoto, Japan, September 18-22, 1995” edited by M. Abe, N. Nakanishi, and I. Ojima. Stora’s paper in this volume also contains his comment on Tuytin’s work.

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