This is an experimental new weblog. Let’s see if I can find anything of interest to put on here, and how long it takes for someone else to find out it exists.

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4 Responses to Introduction

  1. Peter says:

    Hi Pyracantha,
    I enjoyed seeing your weblog, the posting about “Science Porn” was pretty funny and very much on target. I hadn’t seen ‘t Hooft’s page on how to become a theoretical physicist before. Interesting, but you don’t need to know absolutely ALL of that stuff!

  2. Pyracantha says:

    Dear Dr. Woit:

    At the risk of putting myself forward I write this comment. I found your blog through Sean Carroll’s “Preposterous Universe” which I read daily. I am a beginning math/physics student – in my middle age. I have NO crackpot “theory of everything” to promote nor will I ever have one. I am an artist who was inspired to begin studying math/physics by a trip to Fermilab in 2000. I have my own blog, “Electron Blue,” which is my journal about this process. It’s available on the Website whose URL I have posted above. I will be reading your blog and understanding as much as I can. I hope I will understand more as time goes on.

    Yours, Pyracantha

  3. Peter says:

    Thanks! This encourages me to try and write something more here, also I hope to find time to finish writing up the last few representation theory notes and get to work writing up the notes for my QFT class.

  4. Santo D'Agostino says:

    Your course notes for Lie groups and representations are very good, and your criticisms of string theory are interesting.

    And yes, someone out here now knows that your blog exists.

    Best wishes,

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