Why don’t trackbacks to your postings appear at the arXiv?

If you can find out the answer to this question, please let me know. On rare occasions a trackback to one of my postings will appear there, but in general it seems to be arXiv policy to not allow such trackbacks. Way back when during the string wars Jacques Distler did publicly announce a policy designed to exclude links to bloggers that he decided were not “active researchers”, but for years now trackbacks to all sorts of news sources having nothing to do with “active researchers” have been appearing, while NEW is still banned for some reason no one will tell me.

Update (August 2017): Recently trackbacks to my postings have started to appear at the arXiv. I have no more idea why this change in policy occurred, any more than I know under what policy they were previously banned.

Update (November 2017): Looks like the ban is back on. I continue to have no idea why.

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