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Understanding the Landscape

Michael Douglas has written up his talk at the recent Solvay conference, with the title Understanding the Landscape. For previous postings about this conference, see here, here, and here. Douglas’s article is mainly a series of excuses for why string … Continue reading

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Exceptional MathReviews

Mathematical Reviews is a publication of the American Mathematics Society that provides capsule reviews of essentially every mathematics research paper that is published. It has been in operation since 1940, and in recent years the entire database has been on-line, … Continue reading

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Letter to ArXiv Advisory Board

After more than three months of effort to try and get an answer about this, I’ve finally heard officially from the arXiv that trackbacks to my weblog are currently not being allowed by the moderators. I’m sending the following message … Continue reading

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A Variety of Links

The new Center for the Topology and Quantization of Moduli Spaces (CTQM) at Aarhus University wins my award for the most specialized pure mathematics institute. It will be hosting an opening symposium in a couple weeks featuring several talks that … Continue reading

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Yau Survey of Geometric Analysis

There’s a remarkable new paper out from Shing-Tung Yau, entitled Perspectives on Geometric Analysis. Yau is probably the dominant figure in the field of Geometric Analysis in recent years, and in this paper he gives his personal perspective on the … Continue reading

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Fields Medal for Terence Tao?

Lubos Motl has a posting announcing that Terence Tao will be one of the 2006 Fields Medalists. The announcement of the Fields medals is officially made at the time of the International Congress of Mathematicians, which this year will be … Continue reading

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New Frontiers in Scientific Communication

The last couple days have seen a new phenomenon, which may or may not be some sort of sign of the times. Two different papers appearing on the arXiv contain references to blog postings: 1. In last night’s Cosmological Constant … Continue reading

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Susskind Letter to NYT Book Review

This is about the sixth week in a row that the Sunday New York Times Book Review has had something about string theory or the Landscape controversy. It has become the main place in the popular press to follow this. … Continue reading

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Hawking Goes Anthropic

Stephen Hawking and Thomas Hertog have a new paper out, called Populating the Landscape: A Top Down Approach. It contains his version of the anthropic landscape idea, based on his “no-boundary” idea of quantum cosmology (sometimes also referred to as … Continue reading

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Swampiness on Long Island

At first I thought this must be an April Fool’s day joke, but I just checked the calendar, and it’s not April 1 yet. For the last few years Stony Brook has been running a workshop on math and physics … Continue reading

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