Mini-Course on Gromov-Witten Theory, Summer 2017

Speaker: Chiu-Chu Melissa Liu

Location: 520 Mathematics Hall, Columbia University

Date Time Topics
Sat.5/27 2-4pm Gromov-Witten theory: an overview; Quantum cohomology; Moduli of stable curves: set theoretic definition notes
Wed.5/31 9-10:30am Moduli of stable curves: modular functor, fine moduli, and coarse moduli; Dual graphs and stratification notes
Sat.6/3 2-4pm The universal curve; Cohomology and the Picard group notes
Wed.6/7 9-10:30am Descendant integrals; Prestable and stable maps; Moduli functors and moduli spaces; The Universal family notes
Fri.6/9 2-4pm Deformation of the domain; Deformation of the map: relative tangent and obstruction sheaves notes
Wed.6/14 9-10:30am Virtual fundamental classes notes
Fri.6/16 2-4pm Moduli spaces from gauge theory
Wed.6/21 9-10:30am Two examples of virtual fundamental classes; Descendant Gromov-Witten invariants notes
Fri.6/23 2-4pm String, dilaton, and divisor equations; Genus zero Gromov-Witten potential notes
Wed.6/28 9-10:30am WDVV equation; quantum cohomology

Summer School in Enumerative Geometry, SISSA, Trieste, July 3-7, 2017