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Recent PhD Placement Data

A listing by month and year of degree and first position of recent Ph.Ds.

Stephane Benoist, May 2016, Postdoc CLE Moore Instructor (MIT)

Cameron Bruggeman, Feb 2016, Data Scientist, Lyft (San Francisco)

Robert Castellano, May 2016, Data Scientist, JPMorgan Chase (New York)

Ioan Filip, May 2016, Postdoctoral Research Scientist (Columbia University Medical Center)

Karsten Gimre, May 2016, NSF Postdoctoral Fellow (Harvard University)

Joao Guerriero, October 2016, Postdoctoral Fellow (Max Planck Institute for Mathematics)

Andrea Heyman, May 2016, Software Engineering Intern (HackNY )

Rahul Krishna, May 2016, Boas Assistant Professor (Northwestern)

Subrahmanya Krishnamoorthy, May 2016, NSF Postdoctoral Fellow (Freie Universität, Berlin)

Zheng Liu, May 2016, Postdoctoral Fellow (McGill University)

Vivek Pal, May 2016, Visiting Assistant Professor (University of Oregon)

Natasha Potashnik, May 2016, Data Scientist, Schireson Associates (New York)

Andrey Smirnov, May 2016, Morrey Visiting Assistant Professor (UC Berkeley)

Chongli Wang, May 2016, Radix trading, LLC (Chicago)

Yinghui Wang, May 2016, Instructor position (MIT)

Jingyu Zhao, May 2016, Postdoctoral Fellow (Institute for Advanced Studies)

Nava Balsam, May 2015, Analyst, Microsoft

Philip Engel, May 2015, NSF Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard University

Connor Mooney, May 2015, NSF Postdoctoral Fellow, UT Austin

Andrei Negut, May 2015, Assistant Professor, MIT

Daniel Rubin, May 2015, HC Wang Assistant Professor, Cornell University

Zhuhai Wang, May 2015, Finance Industry Position, New York City

Timothy Heath, February 2015, Research Engineer, eBay Inc

Zhengyu Zong, February 2015, Assistant Professor, Yau Mathematical Sciences Center at Tsinghua University

Corrin Clarkson, May 2014, Zorn Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Indiana University, Bloomington

Tristan Collins, May 2014,  Benjamin Pierce Assistant Professor, Harvard University

Jonathan Hanselman, May 2014, RTG Instructor, University of Texas at Austin

Karol Koziol, May 2014, NSF Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Toronto

Thomas Nyberg, May 2014, Postdoctoral Research Scientist, Statistics Department, Columbia University

Xuanyu Pan, May 2014, William Chauvenet Postdoctoral Lecturer, Washington University

Anna Puskas, May 2014, Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Alberta

Krzysztof Putyra, May 2014, NCCR Postdoc, ETH-Institute for Theoretical Studies, Zurich

Alex Waldron, May 2014, Research Assistant Professor, Simons Center at Stony Brook

Ye-Kai Wang, May 2014, Postdoc, Michigan State University

Ian Whitehead, May 2014, Temporary Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota

Jie Xia, May 2014, Postdoc, Max Planck Institute for Mathematics

Hang Xue, May 2014, Postdoc, Institute for Advanced Study

Andre Carneiro, May 2013, Associate, McKinsey and Company, New Jersey.

Daniel Disegni, May 2013, Postdoctoral Fellow, McGill.

Alexander Ellis, May 2013, Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Oregon.

Andrew Fanoe, May 2013, Visiting Assistant Professor, Morehouse College.

Luis Garcia Martinez, May 2013, Research Associate, Imperial College.

Kristen Hendricks, May 2013, E. R. Hedrick Assistant Professor, UCLA.

Zachary Maddock, May 2013, Adjunct Assistant Professor, UCLA.

You Qi, May 2013, Morrey Assistant Professor, UC Berkeley.

Yanhong Yang, May 2013, Researcher, Johannes Gutenberg-Universitat Mainz, Germany.

Yu Wang, May 2013, Baos Assistant Professor, Northwestern.

Fan Zhou, May 2013, Zassenhaus Assistant Professor, Ohio State.

Adam Jacob, May 2012, NSF Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard University.

Yifeng Liu, May 2012, C.L.E. Moore Instructor, MIT.

Irena Penev, May 2012, Upper School Math Teacher, Park Tudor School.

Ina Petkova, May 2012, G.C. Evans Instructor of Mathematics, Rice University.

Alice Rizzardo, May 2012, Postdoctoral Fellow, SISSA.

Harold Sultan, May 2012, Postdoctoral Lecturer in Mathematics, Brandeis University.

Zhengyu Xiang, May 2012, Adjunct Assistant Professor, UCLA.

Thibaut Pugin, October 2011, Associate, McKinsey & Company, Amsterdam.

Jonathan Bloom, May 2011, C.L.E. Moore Instructor / NSF Postdoctoral Fellow, MIT.

Joelle Brichard, May 2011, Math Teacher, The Chapin School.

Benjamin Elias, May 2011, NSF Postdoctoral Fellow / Lecturer, MIT.

Allison Gilmore, May 2011, NSF Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Princeton.

Min Lee, May 2011, Simons Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Brown.

Alon Levy, May 2011, Postdoctoral Institute Fellow, Brown.

Qing Lu, May 2011, Postdoctoral Visiting Assistant Professor, Oklahoma.

Lindsay Piechnik, May 2011, Assistant Professor, High Point University.

Chenyan Wu, May 2011, Dunham Jackson Assistant Professor, Minnesota.

Rumen Zarev, May 2011, Simons Visiting Assistant Professor, Berkeley.

Mark Branson, May 2010, Post Doctoral Research Fellow, Technion – Israeli Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel.

Evan Fink, May 2010, Post Doctoral Fellow, University of Georgia.

David Fournie, May 2010, Associate, Morgan Stanley.

Adam Levine, May 2010, NSF Post Doctoral Fellow, Brandeis.

Chenxu Li, May 2010, Assistant Professor, Peking University.

Chen-Yun Lin, May 2010, Post Doctoral Fellow, Connecticut.

Thomas Peters, May 2010,Software Engineer, Broad Street Analytics

Mingmin Shen, May 2010, Simons Post Doctoral Fellow, Cambridge.

Dmitry Zakharov, May 2010, Simons Post Doctoral Fellow, Stony Brook.

Helena Kauppila, February 2010, Ritt Assistant Professor, Columbia.

Daniel Krasner, February 2010, Post Doctoral Fellowship, MSRI.

Ivana Medos, October 2009, Associate, Goldman Sachs.

Dvora Cohen, May 2009,National Security Agency

Matthew DeLand, May 2009, Simons Instructorship, SUNY, Stony Brook.

Irina Goia, May 2009, Senior Consultant, Ernst & Young

Zhi Li, May 2009, Financial Derivatives Consultant, Murex, NYC.

Sonja Mapes, May 2009, Assistant Research Professor, Duke.

Donovan McFeron, May 2009, Assistant Professor, Ramapo, NJ.

Natalia Mosina, May 2009, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Brooklyn College.

Helge Pedersen, May 2009, Post Doc, MATCH, University of Heidelberg, Germany.

Joseph Ross, May 2009, Post Doc, Universitat Duisburg-Essen, Germany.

Wei Zhang, May 2009, Post Doctoral Fellow, Harvard.

Eric Simring, February 2009, Lecturer, Penn State.

Shaffiq Welji, February 2009, Educational Consultant, Aga Khan Academy Math Dept, Kenya.

Yun Zhou, February 2009, Associate, Morgan Stanley.

Yogishwar Maharaj, October 2008, Associate, Morgan Stanley.

John Baldwin, May 2008, Veblen Research Instructor, IAS, Princeton

Alexander Faber, May 2008, Post Doc, McGill University

William Gillam, May 2008, NSF Post Doc, Assistant Professor, Brown.

Ming-Lun Hsieh, May 2008, Post Doc, McMaster University

Qi Li, May 2008, Graduate Trainee, Quantitative Risk Control, UBS AG Hong Kong

Borislav Mezhericher, May 2008, Quantitative Researcher, Citadel Investment Group, Chicago.

David Swinarski, May 2008, Post Doc Associate, Instructor, University of Georgia

Xinyi Yuan, May 2008, Clay Fellowship, IAS, Harvard

Christian Zickert, May 2008, Morrey Assistant Professor, Berkeley.

Nels Hanson, May 2008, Strategist, ING Private Capital Management

Ioannis Gkigkitzis, February 2008, East Carolina University

Alexander Kontorovich, October 2007, NSF Post Doc, Assistant Professor, Brown

Tung To, October 2007, L.E. Dickson Instructor, University of Chicago

Bei Zhang, October 2007, Post Doc, IAS; Assistant Professor, Northwestern

Jeffrey Said, May 2007, Goldman Sachs, Structured Credit

Chiung-Nan Tsai, May 2007, Vero Capital Management

Debbie Yuster, May 2007, Post Doc, DIMACS

Nikolaos Egglezos, February 2007, military service

Alp Atici, October 2006, Quantitative Researcher, Citadel Investment Group

Cristina Caputo, October 2006, MSRI Post Doc (fall), Instructor, University of Texas, Austin

Mikhail Alyurov, May 2006, Post Doc Instructor, Michigan State

Keiko Kawamuro, May 2006, Evans Instructorship, Rice

Peter Lamberson, May 2006, Post Doc, Center for the Study of Complex Systems, Michigan

Radu Laza, May 2006, Assistant Professor, Michigan

Philip Ording, May 2006, Assistant Professor, Marymount Manhattan College

Jeffry Phan, May 2006, Assistant Professor, Wisconsin, Whitewater

John Zuehlke, May 2006,

Hans Freiermuth, October 2005, Post Doc, University of Zurich

Johan Martens, October 2005, Post Doc, University of Toronto

Matthew Hedden, May 2005, Post Doc, MIT

Adam McInroy, May 2005, Visiting Assistant Professor, Duke

John Niccolai, May 2005, Associate, Credit Suisse First Boston

Yannan Qiu, May 2005, Membership position, Max-Planck Institute, Bonn

Morgan Sherman, May 2005, Lecturer, California State, Channel Island

Eric Wambach, May 2005, Instructor, Caltech

Harriet Moser, February 2005,

Bart Van Steirteghem, October 2004, Post Doc, Instituto Superior Tecnico, Lisbon, Portugal

Charles Cadman, May 2004, VIGRE Post Doc, Michigan

Sebastian Casalaina-Martin, May 2004, Simons Instructorship, SUNY, Stony Brook

Marat Sadykov, May 2004, Associate, Credit Suisse First Boston

Jian Song, May 2004, J.J. Sylvester Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins

Meera Thillainatesan, May 2004, Assistant Professor, UCLA

Benjamin Weinkove, May 2004, Benjamin Peirce Assistant Professor, Harvard

Sampsa Samila, February 2004, Associate Research Scientist, Columbia Business School

Alexei Akhmetshin, May 2003, Researcher, Inst of Theoretical and Experimental Physics

Nathan Broaddus, May 2003, NSF Post Doc, Cornell

Abhijit Champanerkar, May 2003, Assistant Professor, Barnard

Hanjin Lee, May 2003, Post Doc Res Associate, POSTECH, South Korea

Kristen Nairn, May 2003, Assistant Professor, College of St. Benedict

Eugene Neduv, May 2003, Post Doc, Inst Pure and Applied Math, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Phi Long Nguyen Thanh, May 2003, Post Doc, McGill

Ye Tian, May 2003, Post Doc, IAS

Iouri Volvovski, May 2003, Visiting Instructor, Fordham

Qiao Zhang, May 2003, Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins

Tara Brendle, May 2002, Post Doc, Cornell

Adrian Clingher, May 2002, Post Doc, IAS

Joseph Hundley, May 2002, Assistant Professor, Penn State

Omer Offen, May 2002, Post Doc, IHES

Nancy Wrinkle, May 2002, VIGRE Post Doc, Georgia

Hiu Xue, May 2002, Post Doc, IAS

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